Friday, April 8, 2011


Bella in October, 11 months
I don't believe there is a creature in existence with as much of a sense of loyalty as the Italian Mastiff. This is a dog that truly lives for it's owner. For thousands of years, the Cane Corso has evolved alongside people, having many different functions, but only one purpose, to love its owner.

Throughout its history, the Italian Mastiff has had many roles; warrior, guardian, shepherd and hunter. All of which would not have been possible had this dog not evolved with a sense of loyalty and devotion to its owner. If you have ever had the honor of owning a Cane Corso, you know of a certain devout stare it will give its owner from time to time. The questioning look a Cane Corso gives to its owner, and its owner alone, as if saying what do you need from me? And if only you had to test this dog's devotion, I am sure you would find that there is nothing your Cane Corso would not do for you.

Once you form a bond with a Cane Corso, it is a bond that will last forever, and its a bond that will change you.

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