Saturday, April 16, 2011

Potty Training your Cane Corso

Even if your everything right your new puppy will go potty in your home. This is a reality that you must consider before getting a dog. This is a reality that you must accept if you already have a puppy.

To your brand new Cane Corso puppy there is no wrong place to potty. My Bella went potty in the absolute worst places, ranging from the back window of my car to on my aunt’s lap. She went number two on the couch directly above where my girlfriend and I were laying, and she even went number two on my girlfriend’s lap!

These are extreme examples. You most likely will not get crapped on by your Cane Corso. But being prepared for the potty training process is crucial to your success.

Step 1 Know the Basics
Your puppy will need to relieve itself THREE specific times, every time, without fail. In the beginning your pup with need relief after she eats, after she plays, and after she wakes up; every time. Be prepared for this. Give your Cane Corso pup every opportunity to do the right thing and be praised for it. When your pup is finished playing, eating or sleeping, take her outside and let her relive herself, and take pride in the fact that she could have pottied in your kitchen had you not been so prepared.

Step 2 Sing Her Praises
After you’ve done the right thing and brought your pup outside to potty, pat your self on the back, and then sing your pup’s praises. Let her know she was a good dog, pet her and always give her a treat. This will reinforce that potty is a good thing, and that potty outside is the right place. Potty should be a good experience.

Step 3 Accept the Inevitable
It could take up to six months for your Cane Corso’s bladder to fully develop. This means that even after your pup’s learned the right place to go and the wrong place to go, there will still be mistakes. You can’t always get your Cane Corso outside in time. Your not perfect and either is your pup. Accept the inevitable, your little buddy will pee on your couch, crap on your hardwood, and who knows what else. The important thing to keep in mind is that scolding your pup will confuse her. Is going potty being a good dog or is going potty being a bad dog? She will wonder.

If your Cane Corso believes going potty is wrong, training her will become even more difficult. This could cause her to hide where she potties in the house, and shy away from going potty in front of your when outside. When the inevitable happens, calmy pick your puppy up and take her outside. When she finishes, praise her for going potty.

If you follow these three simple steps, house training your Cane Corso can be a positive experience for all. There will be ups and downs, but once trained, your Cane Corso will almost never slip up. 

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